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Re: writing code for the 2120 Axis camera server

I did a "make elinux" in my app directory, and then a "make"; the c files
compiled, but something is wrong with the library linking:

ar -r libgpsd.a netlib.o nmea_parse.o serial.o tm.o em.o
ranlib libgpsd.a
gcc_cris -melinux -muclibc=/home/hqm/axis/devboard_lx/eroot -s -symbolic 
gpsd.o libgpsd.a  -o gpsd -L. -lgpsd  -lm
libgpsd.a: could not read symbols: Archive has no index; run ranlib to add one
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [gpsd] Error 1

I only installed
the new linux development environment from cris-dist-1.11 and 
devboard_lx-R1_0_0, so maybe
I don't have any of the elinux sources installed?  I tried just
linking all the files without using a library at all, but it still fails to 
link with the uc-libc.

It is very confusing trying to install both the elinux and the clinux 
environment at the same time.

Any hints you might have would be greatly appreciated!

> > I assume the 2120 is running a different operating system version  than 
> the
> > linux 2.4.3 that the
> > developer board is running? I don't understand enough about how loading 
> and
>the 2120 does not run Linux 2.4, it runs the 2.0 "elinux" kernel without
>MMU. You need a different build-type ("make elinux" in the apps/x dir) and
>possibly a different uc-libc (although "make elinux" should config that
>for the older kernel as well as it does for apps)
>In short, the same instructions that applies to building binaries for the
>older developer-board using 2.0 applies for the elinux products like the
>2120. Just make sure the binaries are linked statically with uClibc since
>the library in the products are optimized to only contain what's used by
>the shipping firmware.
>(I assume that the instructions for the non-LX dev boards are still on our
>documentation site :)