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RE: Status LED

> ./flashitall
> * size is 4194328 0x00400018
> Using internal boot loader: DBG2 - Debug on ser2.
> Starting boot...
> We're doing a flash write, this may take up to a few minutes...
> and the boot loader program hangs and the LED never lights.
> I used the AMD flash AM29DL323DT (32 Megabit) which contains 
> two banks with different size (8 and 24). This is a 
> simultaneous operation flash memory. The axis web page
> suggests to use the AM29LV320DT which is a boot sector flash 
> memory with only one bank. Is it possible that the flash I 
> used is not compatible?

It looks just like the board wasn't in boot mode. Did you hold the boot button while powering up? The boot loader program should not hang. Even if the new flash isn't supported (it may be though), the boot loader program would transfer a client boot loader (cbl) to ETRAX and the cbl would probe the new flash and there should be output on the debug port about the flash probe.

Does the link light on the HUB (on the port connected to the devboard) light when you set the board in boot mode (i.e. hold the boot button while resetting the board). Otherwise either the HUB is broken (probably not :) or the new flash isn't mounted correctly. It's easy to get shortcuts between the flash pins when soldering. If there is a shortcut all sorts of strange things can happen. Try removing any possible shortcuts between the pads with a scalpel.

Best regards