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tar -xvf crashes


A few days back I had seen a query about tar(busybox) crashing
while unpacking. I too am having the same problem - tar crashes
(board reboots) when I do 'tar xvf' or 'tar tvf'. But 'tar cvf'
works correctly, but I cant use it since I cant unpack.

Does anyone know the solution to the problem?
I am using ETRAX 100 board with devboard-R1_0_2 software release.

Best wishes,
-- prabhat

Prabhat Avasare    IMEC (DESICS)          email: avasare@xxxxxxx.be
                   Kapeldreef 75            Tel: +32-16-288123
                   B3001 Leuven             Fax: +32-16-281515