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RE: Question from a newbie

> Having trouble figuring out how to create a cgi script in C 
> on the ETRAX
> 100LX.  Compiles fine, I can ftp it over to /mnt/flash and make it run
> from the command line and it does the right thing, but how do I get it
> to wind up in the admin-bin directory when I complile the top-level
> makefile?

/mnt/flash (flash) and /var (RAM) are the only writable directories. If you want to put an application in /bin or /usr/html/admin-bin you should write an install target in the Makefile. You cannot use FTP to get the executable there. Use the Makfile in <http://developer.axis.com/doc/software/apps/apps_linux-howto.html> and change INSTDIR to $(prefix)/usr/html/admin-bin.

> Also, on a related question, how do I set 
> up/change the HTML
> files in /usr/html?

When it comes to files that you want to copy to $(prefix) (i.e. axis/devboard/eroot) you should put them in axis/devboard_lx/files (using the same directory structure as on the board) and add them to axis/devboard_lx/makespec. Then they will be copied during "make install" or "make files".

Best Regards