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Re: Interrupt latency question

I don't know of any documentation regarding that.
When doing some simple tests and checking the latency
by reading the timer0 value with a resolution of 52us,
I've found that most of the time the interrupt is handled within
the 0-52us window and occasionally in the 52-104us window.
Don't know if that kind of resolution tells you much.
(Tested using the 4kHz timer interrupt in drivers/char/ircontrol.c)
Maybe someone else on the list has done some testing?

What demands do you have?

It's probably possible to add something like rtlinux to the elinux and our
2.4 port but my guess is there are some architecture specific stuff to be
tweaked to make it work.


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Subject: Interrupt latency question

> Is there some documentation available on the expected interrupt latency in
> elinux?  I'm trying to make a case at work for using the axis/elinux
> solution over one of the proprietary embedded OS's and that's one piece of
> information I couldn't find the axis website.
> Also, does elinux allow anything like the rtlinux execution model where
> time critical code runs at a high priority and the linux kernel runs as a
> lower priority thread.
> Thanks in advance,
> -Rob Penny.