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Problem building dev_etrax R2.0.0

I downloaded and installed cris-dist-1.13.tar.gz. It took a lot of time on my pIII 600, 256 Megs (3,5 hours! with renice at 10).
I answered yes to all questions, so it whiped out old directories, and biuld all from scratch.
But it went OK, and the tests too.

I put /usr/local/cris in may PATH, as suggested by the script

Then I downloaded and unpacked dev_board R2.0.0, and linux 2.4.5.

When I run ./install, the script sais that gcc-cris is too old, and I have tu use at least tools version 1.13 (!)

/usr/local/cris/gcc-cris -dumpversion reports 2.96, the same version reported when I run install-cris-tools

It seems related with the test with -print-file-name=ld.so.1
In fact I have in the cris 2.96 libs a file called ld .... but it is a script test. No trace of ld.so.1

I tried to remove the test.... and it builds tools and the kernel!

Where's the bug?

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