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Boot problems


I'm having problems booting my devboard_LX over a crossed ethernet cable. I
have sucesfully made my image and sent it to the devboard, according to the
boot loader:

*Size is 1990656 0x001e600
Using internal boot loader : DBG2 - Debug on ser2
Starting boot...
Booting device with random id c0c02d60
Nothing more to be read. Read: 1990656/1990656
All written

But when I try to connect to my devboard nothing happens. I don't get any
contact with it and it is not possible to ping it: 
host unreachable.

I have tried with the original ethernet configuration on the devboard and
changing my ethernet adress and routing table. I have also changed the
ethernet settings on the developer board to match my somputer settings, but
it does'nt help. What is more internesting is that the ethernet LED on the
devboard is not (dead) flashing with 0.5Hz, as it does with the originally
flashed software. I have also tried to make images of an untouched version
of devboard-lx-2-0-0, just running the install script, and I get the same
result. What am I doing wrong?

Help appreciated !

/Johan K Magnusson