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RE: power pins abnormal!

yes you are right. There has been a mistake made when designing the
developer board. Components D15 and U2 are only connected to each other
and thus no power is connected to them. In order to fix this mistake
you can make a patch between D15 pin 14 and D3 pin 16. This way both 
D15 and U2 will be powered. This error has been taken care of on newer
developer boards.



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Subject: power pins abnormal!

  It seems that the power pins of U2(74LCX245) and D15(74HC4066) on the dev-board are just connected together,that is they are not connected to the main power. When I use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the power pins, it shows that it's just 0.45 V.
  Is it right? Why?