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RE: Kernel compile error with RS485

> So I figured out that I have to recompile the kernel with ser3
> (/dev/ttys3) enabled to use the port. I also turned on RS485 support.
> But now the kernel compile with "make kernel" fails. I 
> thought I caught
> a bug in 
> /usr/local/axis/devboard_lx/os/linux/arch/cris/drivers/serial.h
> where CONFIG_RS485 should probably be CONFIG_ETRAX_RS485.
> But it still would not compile. Here is the error after I 
> made the above
> change. Is RS485 support complete on the devboard?

The RS485-code comes from the 2.0.38 kernel and hasn't been ported yet. But from what I've heard you should be able to use the port in four-wire mode without enabling CONFIG_ETRAX_RS485. What went wrong when you tried to open() the port?