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problems using localtime and gettimeofday

The functions gettimeofday and localtime are , I believe, standard Linux
functions. These functions worked using cris-1.11, linux-2.4.3, and
Howver, they do not work using cris-1.13, linux-2.4.5, and

I am attaching a timetest.tgz which demonstrates this problem. To access
the files please do tar -zxvf timetest.tgz in a directory of your choosing.
The source file is timetest.cc and the makefile is makefile.timetest.

To see my problem:

make -f makefile.timetest clean
make -f makefile.timetest cris-axis-linux-gnu
make -f makefile.timetest

You will can compile errors.

It will compile and run under Linux as follows:
make -f makefile.timetest clean
make -f makefile.timetest

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mark Schapira

(See attached file: timetest.tgz)