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Re: POSIX threads

The newly released devboard_lx v2.0.0 for the Etrax 100_lx has supports
glibc with pthreads. But that won't run on the Etrax 100 (non-lx).

If possible, I would upgrade to the devboard-lx. It is really nice
working with standard linux and glibc. I got all my stuff ported over in
a matter of hours, and it uses pthreads quite heavily.


On 01 Jul 2001 17:16:46 -0700, Andrew Von Dollen wrote:
> Hello,
> Has anyone tried (or better yet, succeeded in) porting any of the avaiable
> POSIX thread packages to the ETRAX 100?  Would it be a huge undertaking to
> do so?
> Thanks for any input,
> Andrew Von Dollen