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Re: Problems getting pppd to work over async devices

Okay.. I've tried Sebastian's method but it didnt do any good.(welcome your comment tho) Then, I've tried your method (Hampus), and that made it work over the /dev/ttyS2 (DEBUG PORT). But.. still didnt work over the /dev/ttyS0 port.
I've then hacked some more of that tty.c code, and finally, after commenting out the re_openning of the tty bit, I was able to get LCP-req showing up on /dev/ttyS0.
However, it turns out that, because the pppd hung while trying to reopen tty, during the consecutive attempt, agetty fails to communicate through /dev/ttyS0. Resulting.... no login prompt. (Answers the phone tho)
Going right back to the fundamentals, normal communication path (AFAIK) for dial-in server would be something like this...
getty (waiting for dial-in) -> calls login -> waiting for password -> confirms the password -> shell.
Originally, I couldnt get this bit to work. So, I took the shortcut, by having the getty calling the shell directly. (Yes.. security has gone right out the window ). This worked. but then I was stuck with the pppd problem.
Knowing the reason why pppd didnt worked, I then hacked the login.c (comes with the devboard 1.0.0 image). Found the culprit. Surprise surprise... its the line 491. Which reads " opentty(ttyn); ".
By having that commented out, I was able to get the password prompt. Before that, it would simply stuck on login prompt.
After all this.. I still cannot get the /dev/ttyS0 to open up, after the initial connection. I'm thinking, this must the reason why reopening of the tty also fails in login and pppd.
Having pushed the problem to this far.. it is quite beyond me to fix it.
I'd appreciate anyone's help on this ....
Daniel Ann
Diginics Inc.
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Subject: SV: Problems getting pppd to work over async devices

I had a the same problem as you and I had to comment out line 369 (or something) in tty.c, set_up_tty(ttyfd, ((connector != NULL && connector[0] != 0) || initializer != NULL)); to get it to work. But after that it runs just fine.
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Ämne: Problems getting pppd to work over async devices

Hi there,
Been searching through the mailing list to get some help in getting the pppd to work over the async devices (ie. modem on /dev/ttyS0).
With some luck, there was one thread that mentioned the exact problem I have but had no solution to it. Thread was "Problems compiling ppp for linux-2.4".
Thread mentions that issueing "pppd /dev/ttyS0 115200 noauth" results nothing. However, issueing "pppd /dev/ttyp0", you see pppd sending out the LCP-req on the console.
Following the suggestion made by sebastian, "which is to add debug nodetach" and even nodefaultip (should read noipdefault), I see no extra logging is done via pppd. Thus, I'm back to square one.
After long struggle, I can get development board to pick up the modem -> handshake -> login (I'm getting the sash prompt at least). But pppd refuses to send out LCP-req over the serial line.
FYI: I'm using kernel-2.4.3 / Cris compiler 1.11 / Devboard_lx 1.0.0.
I have included /dev/ppp as mentioned in the newsgroup. And also, I have enabled ppp from the kernel, plus ppp over async/ppp over sync/ppp vjcomp/ppp deflate.
IN SHORT, pppd executes fine, but does not send LCP-req over a serial line, but does send LCP-req over a ttyp0 device.
Any thoughts are welcome ...
PS.: I'm starting the pppd manually after loging onto the LX over a modem connection (/dev/ttyS0).
Daniel Ann
Diginics Inc.