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new BusyBox 0.52 release


BusyBox maintainer Erik Andersen sent us this brief announcement of the 
release of BusyBox version 0.52 . . .

I am very pleased to announce the immediate availability of BusyBox 0.52 
(the "new-and-improved rock-solid release"). This release is the result of 
many hours of work and has tons of bugfixes, optimizations, and cleanups. 
This release adds several new applets, including several new shells (such 
as hush, msh, and ash).

The changelog covers some of the more obvious details, but there are many 
many things that are not mentioned but have been improved in subtle ways. 
As usual, BusyBox 0.52 can be downloaded from ftp://oss.lineo.com/busybox.

Share and Enjoy,