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RE: .flashit problems

> I suppose I first must rebuild the hole system using the 
> top-level Makefile.
> but when I type
> make install on the axis/devboard_lx directory
> i get an error message when trying to compile the application 
> editcgi. The 
> command line is:
> cc -lefence edicgi .....
> And the error message:
> cannot find -lefence
> Any ideas?

You are trying to build the software for your PC (host) instead of cris-axis-linux-gnu. You must do a "make cris-axis-linux-gnu" before "make install" (this "configures" the software to be built for Linux 2.4 cris and dynamically linked glibc). Type "make help" and it will tell you how to build from scratch.

I hope you did run the install-script so that your kernel has been patched (see <http://developer.axis.com/doc/software/devboard_lx/install-howto.html>). The install script will also build the software for you (but you should only run it once).