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Difference among CPU's

Hi, I have two question for Axis guys

1.  What is the difference between the options for:
Etrax-100-LX-v1 and Etrax-100-LX-v2 and how do you know which CPU you have.
And does it give you any performance difference between the two?

2. When booting lx board the kernel prints out 
Calibrating delay loop... 33.17 BogoMIPS
I know for a fact that on the etrax100 it was saying that the udelay loop
was around 99.x BogoMIPS, now I am interested if the previous generation CPU is
only faster dooing udelay loop or is it faster in other respects too,
like executing other instructions. 99.x comes closer to 100MIPS processor
than 33 does. If for some reason the newgen processors are slower that would
be bad for our project, I'll do some performance testing on my own but I
wanted to get Axis' take on this first.


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