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Re: Difference among CPU's

		Hi, Dragan!

>>>>> "DS" == Dragan Stancevic <visitor@xxxxxxx.org> writes:

 DS> Hi, I have two question for Axis guys
 DS> 1.  What is the difference between the options for:
 DS> Etrax-100-LX-v1 and Etrax-100-LX-v2 and how do you know which CPU you
 DS> have.  And does it give you any performance difference between the
 DS> two?

 and I interested about os/linux/.config
==== cut ===
# Hardware setup
# CONFIG_ETRAX100LX_V2 is not set
==== cut ===

 can I set manually CONFIG_ETRAX100LX_V2=y, if i have
[root@axis /]54# cat /proc/cpuinfo 
cpu             : CRIS
cpu revision    : 11
cpu model       : ETRAX 100LX v2
cache size      : 8 kB
fpu             : no
mmu             : yes
mmu DMA bug     : no
ethernet        : 10/100 Mbps
token ring      : no
scsi            : yes
ata             : yes
usb             : yes
bogomips        : 165.89
 DS> 2. When booting lx board the kernel prints out Calibrating delay
 DS> loop... 33.17 BogoMIPS I know for a fact that on the etrax100 it was
 DS> saying that the udelay loop was around 99.x BogoMIPS, now I am
 DS> interested if the previous generation CPU is only faster dooing udelay
 DS> loop or is it faster in other respects too, like executing other
 DS> instructions. 99.x comes closer to 100MIPS processor than 33 does. If
 DS> for some reason the newgen processors are slower that would be bad for
 DS> our project, I'll do some performance testing on my own but I wanted
 DS> to get Axis' take on this first.

 this only delay loop... ;)