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RE: Remotely Upgrading Dev Board

> But how could I do the same thing remotely (i.e. with at 
> least an IP router
> in between), using only ftp, tfp, telnet?

The ftp-server (sftpd) supports flashing. If you put an fimage to the board and specify "flash" or "flash_all" as destination you will flash the board, like this:

ftp> put fimage flash_all

The difference between "flash" and "flash_all" is that "flash" only writes the kernel+cramfs partition (/dev/cflash1)while "flash_all" saves network configuration (/etc/network/*.conf) in RAM, writes the kernel+cramfs (/dev/cflash1) and the JFFS (/dev/cflash2) partitions and restores network config.

Best regards