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Ping does not work newbie

I bought board and connected power and ethernet cable.
As manual says I tried to set it by arp and ping.
But pings were not replied. Though the status led are glittering when ping message are received. 
So I tried to use debug port. From the debug port I could login and set the network setting permanetly.
But after reset the ping did not work also. Telnet and http and ftp did not work also.  So any body can help me?

Duck Gun Park

Interdisciplinary Program, Biomedical Engineering Major, Graduate School and Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, 
 Seoul National Univ.
28 Yongun Dong, Jongro Gu, Seoul, 110-744 ,Korea

phone 	: +82-2-744-7770
mobile  : 017-396-6044
e-mail	: duck@xxxxxxx.kr
            : melab@xxxxxxx.net   
homepage: http://duck.elbio.com