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RE: Ping does not work newbie

We connected board to hub.
And though I setted network permanently using debug port, when I use command 'ipconfig' , it does not show any information.
For your information I will attach /etc/network/network.conf 와 bootlog
Thank you for your help

저희는 허브에 물려서 사용하고 있습니다. 
참고로 디버그포트로 접속해서 들어가서 네트웍 설정을 해두었지만 
ipconfig를 사용하면 아무런 정보를 보여주지 않습니다. 
혹시 네트웍 설정에 문제가 있을 수도 있으므로 저의 /etc/network/network.conf와 bootlog를 올리겠습니다.
도와주셔서 감사합니다. 

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테스트 환경이 어떠신가요
허브에 물리지 않고 로컬랜으로 (일대일로) 연결했으면 ping 이 안되기도 합니다.

하지만 telnet, ftp 가 안되는 건 이상하군요.
상황을 자세히 알려 주시면 도움이 될지도.
저희는 개발이 끝났거든요.

Joo-Yeon Cho

Brans Technologies
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Fax.     82 2 836 5911
e-mail. jycho@xxxxxxx.kr

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Subject: Ping does not work newbie

> Hello,
> I bought board and connected power and ethernet cable.
> As manual says I tried to set it by arp and ping.
> But pings were not replied. Though the status led are glittering when ping message are received.
> So I tried to use debug port. From the debug port I could login and set the network setting permanetly.
> But after reset the ping did not work also. Telnet and http and ftp did not work also.  So any body can help me?
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널 모뎀을 초기화합니다...
dgboard login: Probing flash...
                               Flash: 16Mb TB
                                             Flash: Unknown device
                                                                  ROM fs in RAM,
 size 1304352 bytes
                   Linux/CRIS-NOMMU port (c) 1999 Axis Communications AB
                                                                        Flat mod
el support (C) 1998 Kenneth Albanowski, D. Jeff Dionne, TSHG Ltd.
                                                                 Entering paging
_init(), mem start 0x401d6550, end 0x40800000
                                             Entering trap_init(), mem start 0x4
       Initializing interrupts
                                        DS1302 RTC found.
                                                         SDA, SCL, RST on PB0, P
B1, PB2
       rtc_time : 00:00:80
                          rtc_date      : 2000-01-01
                                                    rtc: sec 0x80 min 0x0 hour 0
x0 day 0x1 mon 0x1 year 0x0
                           Enabling watchdog...
                                               console_init 0x401f3000
it 0x401f3000
             Calibrating delay loop... 99.58 BogoMIPS
Entering mem_init(401f3000,40800000)
                                    Mem_init: start=401f3000, end=40800000
: 6196k/7797k available (396k kernel code, 1600k data)
                                                      Swansea University Compute
r Society NET3.035 for Linux 2.0
                                NET3: Unix domain sockets 0.13 for Linux NET3.03
  Swansea University Computer Society TCP/IP for NET3.034
                                                         IP Protocols: IGMP, ICM
           Linux version 2.0.38 (jonashg@xxxxxxx.2) #1 Wed A
ug 2 14:47:19 CEST 2000
                       Starting init thread...
                                              Starting kswapd v 1.7
                                                                    I2C driver v
2.0, (c) 1999 Axis Communications AB
                                    Etrax/100 serial driver v2.0, (c) 2000 Axis
Communications AB
ttyS0 at 0xb0000060 is a builtin UART with DMA
                                              ttyS1 at 0xb0000068 is a builtin U
ART with DMA
            ttyS2 at 0xb0000070 is a builtin UART with DMA
                                                          ttyS3 at 0xb0000078 is
 a builtin UART with DMA
                        Etrax/100 DMA parallel port driver v0.3, (c) 2000 Axis C
ommunications AB
Initializing parallel port registers... par0 par1  done
                                                        par0 rxint, status: 0x3F
0100FF 0xFF ctrl: 0x00000000 config: 0x01E00069
                                               par1 rxint, status: 0x3F0100FF 0x
FF ctrl: 0x00000000 config: 0x01E00069
                                      Etrax general-port I/O driver v2.0, (c) 19
99 Axis Communications AB
                         EEPROM char device v0.3, (c) 2000 Axis Communications A
 e100eeprom: Assuming i2c compatible 2Kb eeprom.
                                                Ramdisk driver initialized : 16
ramdisks of 4096K size
                      KROM block (c) 1998 D Jeff Dionne, SHG Ltd [1274k] at 4009
    Flash/ROM block device v2.1, (c) 1999 Axis Communications AB
                                                                Flash/ROM char d
evice v2.1, (c) 1999 Axis Communications AB
                                           Checking flash partitions:
h0 at 0x80000000, size 0x10000
                               Found valid partition table at 0x8001000A-0x80010
      /dev/flash1 at 0x80010000, size 0x1a0000
                                                /dev/flash2 at 0x801b0000, size
       Etrax/100 10/100MBit ethernet driver v1.3, (c) 2000 Axis Communications A
 eth0 initialized
                 eth0: changed MAC to 00:40:8C:CD:00:00
                                                       JFFS, version 1.0, (C) 19
99, 2000  Axis Communications AB
                                VFS: Mounted root (romfs filesystem) readonly.
unting proc
           Starting ping_ipset thread
                                     Starting init...
                                                     Init starts up...
Mounting /etc
JFFS: Trying to mount device 3c:12.
                                   JFFS: Successfully mounted device 3c:12.
ed /dev/flash2 on /mnt/flash ok.
/usr/etc/defaultfiles/jimageid: Unknown error 2
mactool: Found MAC address in /etc/network/mac.conf. Nothing needs to be done.
Setting up eth0 with ip and mac 00:40:8c:58:ad:21
change IP to 0x763cd9d3
                       eth0: changed MAC to 00:40:8C:58:AD:21
                                                             Setting up lo with
change IP to 0x100007f
                      Default gateway is
SIOCADDRT: Unknown error 101
Hostname is dgboard
Unpacking 512 kbyte ramdisk
Mounting ramdisk on /tmp
Mounted /dev/ram0 on /tmp ok.
kfree of non-kmalloced memory: 407c6e18, next= 4077a000, order=1 (pid 9)
                                                                        Stack du
mp [0x4076bd2a]:
                sp + 0: 0x400679e4
                                  sp + 4: 0x407c6e10
                                                    sp + 8: 0x4000d5b4
                                                                      sp + 12: 0
         sp + 16: 0x00000000
                            sp + 20: 0x00000420
                                               sp + 24: 0x407d2e98
                                                                  sp + 28: 0x407
     sp + 32: 0x407a5a38
                        sp + 36: 0x4077f000
                                           sp + 40: 0x4000bfb8
                                                              sp + 44: 0x0000000
 sp + 48: 0x407e7e38
                    sp + 52: 0x407d2e98
                                       sp + 56: 0x407e7c0c
                                                          sp + 60: 0x40009b60
netd starting, using port 23.
  using /bin/sash as shell.
dnrd: osock: Couldn't connect to
dnrd: osock: Couldn't connect to any of the given servers
boa: servername set to
boa[21]: starting server
dgboard login: sftpd[22]: sftpd $Revision: 1.57 $ starting up