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RE: 2490 Serial Server


the difference is that the 2490 is not using the LX chip. The 
developer board also has som extra components and connectors.

The difference in the software is that the 2490 includes the
serial server application. That application is a commercial 
application and is not available for free.


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> From: Henry Minsky [mailto:hqm@xxxxxxx.edu]
> Sent: den 12 juli 2001 00:29
> To: dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: 2490 Serial Server
> We got a couple of the Axis 2490 Serial Server boxes. I am 
> wondering are
> these completely the same hardware as the 100LX development 
> boards? If so, can
> I reprogram their flash memory using the same network boot 
> procedure as
> on the dev boards? Also, is there a copy of the source code for the
> serial to TCP/IP gateways that are running on the box?
> Thanks,
> 	Henry