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Error: Remotely Upgrading Dev Board


I've built the devboard_x2.0.0 sucessfully. Now, another problem raised
:-( (I'm always in trouble, right?). That is a problem with upgrading dev
board remotely. Currently, the board is using devboard_lx1.0.0. I used the
command pass to make sure that I'm using passive mode:

thai@ash:~/axis/devboard_lx$ ftp axis2
Connected to axis2.
220 Simple-FTPd (sftpd) ready.
Name (axis2:thai): root
331 User name okay, need password.
230 User logged in, proceed.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> pass
Passive mode on.
ftp> pass
Passive mode off.
ftp> put fimage flash_all
local: fimage remote: flash_all
200 Command okay.
150-Saving parameters.
150-Going to single user mode.
550 Please restart the server and try again.

I restarted the board and repeated those steps. The same messages were given
Please help!

Best regards,

Nguyen Thai

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> Subject: RE: Remotely Upgrading Dev Board
> > But how could I do the same thing remotely (i.e. with at
> > least an IP router
> > in between), using only ftp, tfp, telnet?
> The ftp-server (sftpd) supports flashing. If you put an fimage to
> the board and specify "flash" or "flash_all" as destination you
> will flash the board, like this:
> ftp> put fimage flash_all
> The difference between "flash" and "flash_all" is that "flash"
> only writes the kernel+cramfs partition (/dev/cflash1)while
> "flash_all" saves network configuration (/etc/network/*.conf) in
> RAM, writes the kernel+cramfs (/dev/cflash1) and the JFFS
> (/dev/cflash2) partitions and restores network config.
> Best regards
> /Jonas