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Re: HTTP server question.

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Rafael Collantes wrote:
>    We've been playing arround with an Axis dev board for a while and 
> everything seems O.K. Now we are trying to use the Http server to interface 
> with our instrument. But we don't really know WHAT should we do... To make 
> things easier, imagine we would like to show the Axis RTC clock through the 
> web server of the Axis board. How should we do this? Any links or 
> documentation of this? code sample?

Write a cgi; you'll find a howto on that anywhere on the net.

Basically you write a program which gets executed by a client access and
any output from the program goes to the web-browser. So in this case your
CGI can be as simple as a main() with a single printf() and

You'll need to check with the boa configuration files to figure out where
to put the resulting cgi binary though and to make sure it can get
executed etc. It's not enough to just put it in /bin for example.