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Re: flip buffer overrun!

On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, Magnusson, Johan wrote:
> I have connected a Bluetooth module (I know this is'nt  the bluetooth list
> :) ) to x25 = ttys1, with some really crappy cables, but anyway... I get a
> debug message as follows:
> ttyS1 flip buffer overrun!
> Ok.... 
> Is'nt the buffer settings the same for all ttySx and is it possible to
> change them? I could do it kernel config and I have'nt seen any config files
> for ttys, so how do you do it?

You'll be much better off asking this on the bluetooth list I think,
because they are very experienced in this particular issue :) 

You get a flip-buffer overrun if the computer can't process the data as
fast as it comes in. Depending on the circumstances this can be solved in
different ways (flow control, bigger buffers etc). You'll find the sizes
for those flip-buffers in the kernel header-files somewhere, if you want
to tweak it yourself, but flow-control is really the way to go and making
sure the flow-control is activated say when half the buffer is getting
filled up. But like I said, the bluetooth guys have battled this for a
long time.