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On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Dragan Stancevic wrote:
> OK, maybe I wasn't clear enough, when I said "The reason that it seems cut
> off is because printk uses" I meant that "the reason that those lines you
> saw earlier were missing is because prink uses ring-buffer"

prinkt only goes through that ring-buffer if you're taking log through
syslogd, not if you're using a serial console (as I thought you were and
as you should if you're going to use printk as a debug-means). The console
writes are synchronous directly when you issue the printk, while the
syslogged ones can be totally out of sync with reality :) 

With "serial console" I mean a kernel console like the "debug port" choice
in the kernel-config, not any /dev/console link for the syslogd.

Anyway, as for the IDE-issue, I don't have the IDE-specs either, but I'll
see if I can find them.