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Re: IDE - partially solved

> I forced ide_dma_check to simply return false each time to force the
> interface to PIO mode:
> arch/cris/drivers/ide.c, e100_dmaproc
>     case ide_dma_check:
>         return 1; /*TODO!! 1 = not enabled */
>         //        return config_drive_for_dma (drive);
> Reading works now, but if I try to write anything there's an error:

A slight correction to my earlier message: Reading with dd works except for
every 10000th (approx.) block which causes the whole system (even watchdog)
to hang. Through a filesystem this happens much more often, perhaps every
1000th block.

The ratio doesn't change even with timing 31/31/31. All the signals on the
interface look clean with steep edges.

Very interesting :-)