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On Tue, Jul 24, 2001 at 11:09:55AM +0200, Bjorn Wesen wrote:
> Anyway, as for the IDE-issue, I don't have the IDE-specs either, but I'll
> see if I can find them.

So we got it figured out why it was waiting in bread for ever. We put an
IDE Analyser to the bus and what we saw was kinda weird seems like a kernel
bug to me:

1. The kernel sends the command ID drive, and that one returns back just
2. The drive deadlocks in bread wating for the read drive command to return
which will NEVER hapen because according to the analyser the kernel NEVER
sent a read drive command at all, it just wen't straight to wait for the
read command to return the result, it keeps probing the drive for status
after that but drive always returns a status the kernel is not expecting and
so it goes on forever.

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