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RE: "Ethernet Tranceiver Out of Production?" Broadcom ethernet BCM5201 VS BCM5221

Hi Jakob.
1. I have not heard anything about the BCM5201 being taken out of production. 
2. The current Ethernet driver will work fine with BCM5221 as well. Yes there
are some differences in the mdio registers but the basic registers are the same and 
only these are used by the driver.
3. We will not replace BCM5201 in the near future.

PS. 5221 and 5201 are NOT 100% pin compatible. You can use the same foot print but
some signals differ and you will need to make preparations for this.


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Subject: "Ethernet Tranceiver Out of Production?" Broadcom ethernet
BCM5201 VS BCM5221

> It seems like  the BCM5201 ethernet transceiver is being taken out of
> production, the obvious replacement ought to be the Broadcom
> pin-compatible BCM5221. 
> 1. Have you encountered the same problem or is this a rumour?
> 2. Are there any known compability problems with drivers etc. After a
> brief check it seems like little or nothing needs to be done with the
> current ethernet drivers. There are some differencies among the
> registers between the two tranceivers, but nothing that seems to
> affect the current drivers in any serious way.
> 3. Will you replace the BCM5201, in the long/short run, and if then
> with what?
> /Jakob
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