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RE: General Purpose IO

Using the PA and PB on the developer board is a bit tricky
just because of the reasons describe. The best way is to make use of
the parallel port data pins (the interrupt pin must be treated differently though). 
The pardata driver in release 1.0.2
does not work with the 2.4 kernel (which is in release 2.0.0), it has to be modified.
You can rewrite the LCD driver for the 2.4 kernel
It uses the parallel port in manual mode and can quite easily be modified
for your purposes. Neither of these drivers access all 16 "parallel port I/O pins"
but only 8 of them. This must be added as well.  

Good luck!!


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If I understand this correctly, not all 16 pins of GPIO ports PA and PB
are available on the developer board (especially since some of them is
connected to the RS-232 tranceiver)? I need all 16, where one of them is
an interrupt. I read in a previous answer that one could use the parallel
ports if disabling the parallel port driver and using one called pardata
instead. That was for the 1.0.2 version, does the same apply for the 2.0
version? Is there a better way to connect the 16 cables?

/Marcus Jonsson