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New compiler tools release: cris-dist-1.14

There's a new release of the compiler tools.  This is a bug-fix
release.  It is strongly recommended that you update from
cris-dist-1.13 to this release.  No compatibility issues are
expected from cris-dist-1.13 to this release; you do not have to
re-build anything.

These bugs have been fixed:

  - Two bugs each causing incorrect code to be generated by gcc,
    that were found when compiling:

    * xmltok.c from the "expat" library (unknown version).

    * chown.c from busybox version 0.52.

    Neither of these bugs were exposed with an unmodified

  - During installation when building glibc, because of spurious
    timestamp difference the build process could want to rebuild
    glibc/configure and would fail if it could not find the
    program autoconf.  Autoconf is not required for installing
    these tools from unmodified source.

The compiler tools are available in three forms: as a source
SRPM, as a binary RPM and also as "pure" sources; gzipped
tar-balls.  The binary RPM is suitable for i386-type host
machines (i[3456]86-pc-linux-gnu) running Red Hat Linux release
6.2 to 7.1.  For Debian systems there has been reports of
successful conversion of the RPM to .deb using the "alien"

The SRPM and RPM are available at:

The corresponding source tar-balls is in four parts at:

If you need to install from the tar-ball sources (though the
binary RPM and source SRPM are strongly recommended), first
unpack the cris-dist-1.14.tar.gz tar-ball, then "cd cris-dist-1.14"
and unpack the latter three tar-balls in that directory.
Further installation instructions are available in the file
README in the cris-dist-1.14.tar.gz tar-ball.

brgds, H-P