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Problems 2nd Serial Port


 I have a program that listens on a device on a serial
 port, downloads some data and saves it to a file.

 I've successfully made this function on both the
 host-pc and the devboard using /dev/ttyS0. But
 I cannot make it work using the second serial port.

 As default (before doing any changes in the kernel), I
 see that serial port 0 is always enabled and that 
 serial port 2 is also enabled. 

 Using /dev/ttyS2 I manage to open the port but I 
 cannot read any data from it. I've tried to change the 
 kernel config to include 'Synchronous serial port support',
 but no change. 

 Has anybody gotten the second serial port to work? How?
 I need to have both ports working, to prevent switching devices
 from one port to another...I will have a modem on the other port.