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Re: Necessary flash / ram size

"Pieter Grimmerink" <mailinglists@xxxxxxx.nl> writes:

> Hello,

Hi Pieter,

> Our current application is about 750kb in size, but my
> main concern is that the linux 2.4 kernel + glibc will 
> probably take a few megabytes of space?
> Additionallly, we'd like to have a meg storage, + another
> megabyte to extend the functionality of our application in
> the future.
> What sizes for flash and ram would be reasonable for
> such a setup?

Your best bet would probably be to use 4M of flash and 8M of
RAM. When building software for the ETRAX 100LX, the OS and
applications are compressed and then stored in flash. Upon
boot, the code is uncompressed and is then executed from

If your application needs much RAM, you might want to
consider using more than 8M of RAM, but this is hard to say
without more information.
> By the way, right now we are used to boot up times of up
> to four seconds.
> What boottimes could I expect with an etrax 100LX?

Again, this depends. The developer board boots up somewhat
faster than four seconds.

Hope this helps,
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