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RE: Port speed


Theoretically ETRAX can handle more than 4MByte/s from
parallel port to Ethernet. In practical applications
running linux and programs it may be tricky to get
such performance.

Typical application that would be possible:
IEEE 1284 ECP parallel port protocol
Parallel port data is received in bursts (the speed
  within a burst is 4MByte/s but the average speed
  over time is e.g. 2MByte/s)
Minimal data processing
No other programs running

Typical application that would not be possible:
Home made parallel port protocol
Continuous data
Heavy data processing
Lots of other programs running

I guess that your application is something between these
two application examples. If you can describe more about
your product we may help you to find out if it is possible
(remember that dev-etrax is a public mailing list). It
would also be quite simple to do some tests with a 
developer card to see if the performance is good enough.

Note that the ETRAX parallel port driver shipped with
the developer board LX release (linux 2.4) is not 
capable of the transfer speeds you need. It is quite
simple to write an ECP driver capable of up to 6MByte/s.


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In our application we need to get paralell data with clock upto 4 MHz into 
embedded computer, and after some processions send data through ethernet. 
Is it possible to use ETRAX 100LX lpt port for this ? May be anyone has
similar applications or good(bad) experience ?
Yours, Max	
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