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DTR signal con serial ports ( COMs) ..... HowTO? >>> Continued

> I was convinced that the DTR signal on serial ports should go ON when the
> port is open.
> That's the behaviour when I test my program on my Linux PC.
> But the same program doesn't raise the DTR when running on devboard.
> Is it the pin connected and managed?
> How could I set it ON ? ( I have to talk with devices that check it!)

Of course in my code I TIOCMSET the  TIOCM_DTR signal on the device...

I tried with hwtestserial -d /dev/ttyS2 -dtr 1, but with no success!
Even when I set DTR and RTS to 0, the -r option report always DTR and RTS on
But my signal analizer says DTR OFF, DSR OFF

There should be atrick somewhere.... but I can't imagine