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RE: Flash areas layout and size computation

> Doing modification to the partions configuration file helped 
> me allocating
> sufficient space, but still I don't know how much space I 
> really need for my
> configuration, and how is eventually wasted on the flash.

If you haven't changed the flash chip on your developer board since you bought
it then the first block on the flash is 64kB so the rescue partition
needs to be 64kB.

The size of the kernel partition must be at least the size of ptable.img + the size of vmlinuz + the size of cramfs.img.

The size of the jffs partition must be at least 5 blocks (5*64kB) so that jffs
has room for garbage collect.

All partitions should start and end on a even 64kB offset since the flash chip
on the developer board has 64kB blocks.

Best regards