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R: External DMA


Has anyone used successfully external DMA on ETRAX 100 ?

There have been any improvements in the AXIS's External DMA example code for
the ETRAX 100/100LX since February when the issue was brought up ?

Thanks in advance,

Stefano Vicenzetto

Via Lombardia
20048 Carate Brianza (MI)
Tel  +39/0362 94.51.1
Fax +39/0362.94.5151

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Da: Mikael Starvik <mikael.starvik@xxxxxxx.com>
A: 'randylee@xxxxxxx.kr'
Data: venerd́ 16 febbraio 2001 9.43
Oggetto: RE: External DMA

I have attached an experimental external DMA driver for linux 2.4
that I am working on. The driver is not tested and will not
compile for the current version of elinux but it may give you a
few hints.

Please keep me informed of any progress with the external DMA.

Best Regards,