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document error?

Hi all,
   I want to use  EPP mode of the parallel port 0;
In the document  ' ET100LX_14_Parallel_Ports_010215.pdf'
find that "The read/write functionality of the EPP mode
is implemented by a configuration of the parallel port 
registers . Bits 11 and 2 to 0 in register R_PAR0_CONFIG
 or ... and  bit 11 acts as the extended mode selector"
 but in the document 'regdef.pdf' find that "R_PAR0_CONFIG
bit 11 " is defined 'reserved' ; and not define 'EPP mode'
in bit 2-0; by the way i don't find the register R_PAR0_DATA 
in the  document 'regdef.pdf' 

 Any help would be apreciated, thanks.
   Best Regards,


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