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RE: about document


That is an error in the documentation. I will make sure that 
it is corrected before the release. It should read like this:

17 tr_rdy            Transmitter ready. Set when it is possible to write a
                     new byte to R_PAR0_CTRL_DATA when sending.
16 dav               Data available. Set when there is new data in
                     R_PAR0_STATUS_DATA when receiving data in non DMA mode.



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Hi all,
   Thanks reply to me quickly.I read the datasheet (about parallel registers ) you provided to me. I have not found the content about the register 'R_PAR0_DATA ', it is indicated in the register 'R_PAR0_STATUS' and 'R_PAR0_STATUS_DATA'.
   can you provide  me the document about the register?  Thanks.
  Best Regards


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