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Running on developer-board, OK! Running on camera2420, Failed!


I wrote an application. It's compiled with Linux kernel 2.4 and cris-
dist-1.13. There is no problem let it run on Developer-Board LX 
(through both porting image file and ftp into /mnt/flash). Now, I 
want to make it run on an Axis2420 camera. After ftp it and "chmod", 
I cannot run it successfully. It told me "No such file or directory" 
no matter I run "mytest" or "./mytest".

In the manual of this 2420 camera, I found it's software release is 

Do I need upgrade the firmware in my 2420 camera? If yes, upgrade to 
which version?

In addition, can I "flashit" the new-generated image file into my 
2420 camera and keep up all originally provided functions by the 


from NTU, Singapore
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