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RE: problem reading parallel port


The direction of the port is probably wrong. The oe bit in the
R_PAR0_CTRL_DATA register selects the direction for the port.
You can find example code in elinux/drivers/char/etrax100pardata.c
in the 2.0 based elinux releases.

The following mail thread may also be of interest if the suggestions
above doesn't solve your problem:



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Subject: problem reading parallel port


I have an ETRAX 100LX with devboard R 2_0_0.

Im writing a device driver for reading the parallel port in user mode. 
If I read the port with:

val = (*R_PAR0_STATUS_DATA) & 0xff;

val always contains 0. All other bits a set correctly. Only the data 
bits are 0.

can you please help me.


Thomas Hutterer
e-mail: Thomas.Hutterer@xxxxxxx.at