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/lib/libucc.a not found


Due to the low-version linux kernel in all current camera product, I 
plan to move my application to a elinux (linux 2.0) kernel.

Today, I've installed RedHat linux 6.2 on my pc. I've also 
successfully installed all required software: developer-board 
software R1_0_2, cris-dist-1.11 and its patch. No problem there.

I write a new "hello" application. Compiling it, Ok. I port it into 
the Axis 2420 camera. Run it. The system said:

/lib/libucc.a not found
pid 52: killed (signal 9)

Very strange, only "libro.a" and "librw.a" are found in the 
directory "/lib". What should I do to make "hello" run up?


from NTU, Singapore
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