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RE: Compact Flash


I don't think we have any customers who have tried
to connect Compact Flash but it should be possible
due to the IDE compatibility. We don't recommend
that you try to add IDE functionality on a
developer board (requires lots of soldering). There
is a developer board with IDE interface available
that is suited for applications like this.


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This is a good question -- I'd like to know also, I
seen compact flash connectors that can be used to
attach to standard IDE interfaces on PC's, because the
compact flash has hardware level IDE compatibility
mode. So I wonder
if this same connector pinout can be used for the
development board. 

--- Clive SIMMENS <cs@xxxxxxx.com> wrote:
> Hi, 
> Is it possible to interface Compact Flash to the
> Etrax Development board.
> If it is possible any pointers on PIN connections
> etc. would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Clive Simmens.

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