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RE: PTZ camera drivers

Indeed I have seen the API for the HTTP, however a few problems still arise.

Firstly, our camera pan tilt system is not on the list of supported pan/tilt
and for various commercial and legal reasons we are unable to submit a
sample unit for any
code to be written for a native driver.
We have evaluated using the HTTP comport commands to drive the cameras,
however it is our 
feeling that the overhead of HTTP transactions over the sustained data
transfer required to
drive the camera is inapropriate for our needs. We have also tried using a
telnet-> comport
type solution and this has proven problematic in terms of connection
management, particularly
over wireless 802 networks. Certainly it works, but not in any sense
reliably to the standards
required out of our clients working in the industrial sector. 
In regards to VB, It is our feeling that this is out of the question. MS
based solutions break existing
systems for us. Screen savers and always-on systems are incompatible
(Metaphorically speaking).
We have been singularly impressed however with the stability of driving
other cameras from the web
pages supplied on the system. The problem is it doesn't support OUR cameras.

We have written C based code that can drive the cameras from a Etrax 100lx
dev board, and having assessed
the ucLinux based Etrax 100 we feel that a port to the 2400/1 systems should
not be THAT difficult.
However this code is still a relatively simple non web interfaced system. I
have looked at the file editor
CGI code, and have appropriated and created a GPL compliant version of the
code that utilises this code and 
interfaces it to our code, however there does seem to be problems with
writing to the serial port, I *suspect*
due to permissions. 
So is there a way of looking at the driver code for the cameras that are
supported, or are these under a secret
source licence?


P.S. My condolences to the American people on your tragic loss. You are in
our prayers.

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> From: Joacim Tullberg [mailto:joacim.tullberg@xxxxxxx.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, 12 September 2001 9:05 
> To: 'Shayne'
> Subject: RE: PTZ camera drivers
> Hi Shayne,
> The answer to your question is at 4.4.5 in the HTTP API:
> http://www.axis.com/documentation/misc/camera/http_api.pdf
> If you want to use it from VB then simply use the standard 
> Inet component.
> Best Regards,
> Joacim
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> > From: Shayne [mailto:shayne.o'neil@xxxxxxx.au]
> > Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 6:47 AM
> > To: dev-etrax
> > Subject: PTZ camera drivers
> > 
> > 
> > I'm working at the moment to try and get an in-house 
> > developed PTZ camera
> > talking to the AXIS 2400/1 via the standard
> > AXIS interfaces. Is there an example or template source code 
> > available, or
> > other directions on preparing a driver for such 
> > a device?
> > 
> > Also, is there any permission snarl-ups that I should be 
> aware of when
> > writing CGI-BIN executables for the boa web server, 
> > particularly in regards
> > to writing to serial ports? I have no problems writing to the 
> > serial port
> > via a standard executable, particularly in the context of world rw
> > permissions on /dev/ttyS0 , but the code seems to faint 
> when the write
> > occurs in the context of a cgi-bin call.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Shayne
> >