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linux-2.4 and ethernet driver


I am trying to rebuild the kernel. When I do make
xconfig, I can't see the ethernet driver which
BCM5201 chip (ETRAX 100LX). I saw a reference to it in
gmac.c and net/Config.in has this under powerpc
architecture option. Could anyone please let me know
what ethernet driver should I pick when rebuilding a
kernel for ETRAX 100LX ?

Also, can I use any kernel later than 2.4.5 to build a
linux kernel for ETRAX 100 LX developer board ? 

I am trying to incorporate try both openbt and bluez
bluetooth stack on the ETRAX 100 LX developer board.
Since I can't use module, I need to incorporate the
init call in the kernel. Could anyone please let me
know if they face any issues with bluez/openbt
bluetooth on linux + ETRAX 100 LX (not eLinux) ?

Thank you very much,

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