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Re: GDB Installation

Greg Cannon wrote:
> I followed all instructions on installation...
> Successfully performed a ../gdb/configure --target=cris
> Tried to make, got an error...
> no rule to make target ../bfd/bfd.h
> and its true of course, no rule in the generated Makefile, and no bfd.h
> there is a elf-bfd.h, and there are some patches bfd-in2.h and bfd-in.h

Yes, bfd.h is a generated file.

> I have seen similar errors on the web regarding the building of gdb for
> other platforms, but no solutions.  What can I do?

Did you happen to 'make' in another directory than the one where you did
'configure', for example in the gdb directory?  If you 'make' in bfd
directory (referring to the build tree, not the source tree) then the
bfd.h file should be created.  It seems the following copy-pasted parts
from the bfd/Makefile are responsible for the creation of the bfd.h

BFD_H = bfd.h

$(BFD_H): stmp-bfd-h ; @true

stmp-bfd-h: bfd-in3.h
        rm -f bfd-tmp.h
        cp bfd-in3.h bfd-tmp.h
        $(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../move-if-change bfd-tmp.h $(BFD_H)
        rm -f bfd-tmp.h
        touch stmp-bfd-h

bfd-in3.h: $(top_builddir)/config.status bfd-in2.h
        cd $(top_builddir) && CONFIG_FILES=$@xxxxxxx.h CONFIG_HEADERS=

You might want to compare that with whatever your bfd/Makefile contains.

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