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Re: IP masq. on etrax lx.

On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, Peter Fredriksson wrote:
> I want to run IP-masquerading on my dev-board lx. I have seen in previos 
> mails on this list that I could use either IP-Tables or IP-Chains.
> Which of them should you suggest me to use?

If you mean you run on kernel 2.4 on LX, you should use
iptables. Ipchains in that situation will use the same kernel code as
iptables but with less control (it's just an API emulation to keep older
2.2-based systems working).

> Would anyone who succesfully compiled either of those programs like to 
> share it to the rest of us?

This however, I don't know about.. the problem with iptables before was
that the makefiles were hardcoded around shared-library linking, which we
couldn't do before. Now however it should be possible to compile and link
them without much more tweaking than setting the right compiler...