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Driver makes Linux crash

Hi there,

I'm developping a driver that uses all PA/PB general I/O port pins and also
all discrete general port pins of the ETRAX100LX on the devboard, R 2.0.0,
GLIBC 1.13.1 and linux 2.4.5. Now, whenever I'm accessing any pin of the
ports, Linux immediately crashes. Accesses look like the following example:


This means that I'm using shadow variables for writing to the registers.
When reading I'm not using them.
One reason for the crashes could be that other device drivers use the same
ports. In my configuration there cannot be any other device driver using
them. The following list shows the drivers I have disabled:

- Etrax Ethernet slave support (over lp0/1)
- Ser0 DTR,RI,DSR,CD on PB
- Ser1
- Ser2 DTR,RI,DSR,CD on PA
- Ser3
- RS-485 support
- Synchronous serial port support
- Parallel port support
- ATA/IDE support
- I2C support
- I2C EEPROM (non-volatile RAM) support
- GPIO support
- USB host
- DS1302 Real Time Clock support

Serial port 2 is debugging port. Is there anything else I have forgotten?
Thanks a lot for any help.

Marco Nef

currently @xxxxxxx.ch
[until 12.10.2001]

Marco Nef