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RE: Driver makes Linux crash


Your problem may also be related to the directions of the pins on port G
e.g. different pins are used when bit 3 in PORT G is read and written.

Also note that a statement like this:
set all 32 bit on PORT G. Check the directions for the pins in the
R_GEN_CONFIG register (only some of the pins are both in and out).

We have made device drivers using similar statements without any 
problems. I will check with another customer if we can send the
code from their project to you. They use almost all the pins on
the Port G to control a PCMCIA card.


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Thanks for the tips. Ser2 driver is not disabled, just the mapping of DTR,
RI, DSR and CD on PB.
At the moment I'm trying to use ser0 as debug port, have disabled ser2. The
problem now is that ETRAX100LX stops on startup with the folling message:

  Warning: unable to open an initial console.
  etho: changed MAC to ....

After that there is no more output. It can not even be reached using telnet.
By the way: Could anyone explain what exactly the difference between the
"product debug-port" and "product rescue-port" is. All I need to see through
the serial connection is the output of the different drivers and such stuff
during startup. As much as I know that's simply the stdout.

currently @xxxxxxx.ch
[until 12.10.2001]

Marco Nef


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Subject: RE: Driver makes Linux crash

> > them. The following list shows the drivers I have disabled:
> >
> > - Etrax Ethernet slave support (over lp0/1)
> > - Ser0 DTR,RI,DSR,CD on PB
> > - Ser1
> > - Ser2 DTR,RI,DSR,CD on PA
> > - Ser3
> > - RS-485 support
> > - Synchronous serial port support
> > - Parallel port support
> > - ATA/IDE support
> > - I2C support
> > - I2C EEPROM (non-volatile RAM) support
> > - GPIO support
> > - USB host
> > - DS1302 Real Time Clock support
> >
> > Serial port 2 is debugging port. Is there anything else I
> > have forgotten?
> > Thanks a lot for any help.
> Disabling ser2 (driver) and still using ser2 as debug port may not work.
> Have you tried using ser0 as debugport instead (or no debugport at all)?
> Best regards
> /Jonas