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RE: Driver makes Linux crash

> At the moment I'm trying to use ser0 as debug port, have 
> disabled ser2. The
> problem now is that ETRAX100LX stops on startup with the 
> folling message:
>   ...
>   Warning: unable to open an initial console.
>   etho: changed MAC to ....

/dev/console is a symlink to ttyS2. Change the following line in devboard_lx/Makefile:

	ln -sf ttyS2 $(prefix)/dev/console


	ln -sf ttyS0 $(prefix)/dev/console

and do "make files" and "make images".

> By the way: Could anyone explain what exactly the difference 
> between the
> "product debug-port" and "product rescue-port" is.

The rescue port is only used if the rescue code (os/linux/arch/cris/boot/rescue/)
doesn't recognize the partition table. It shouldn't happen, and if it does the
yellow LED will flash like mad.