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Opinions about documentation

we are looking at how we can improve the current documentation
for our developer products and would appreciate your feedback on
what is currently available on <http://developer.axis.com/doc/>

Some of the things we would like to know are:

- What additional documentation would you like to see (we
  are already working on finalizing the documentation for
  the ETRAX 100LX)?
- Which of the current documents are difficult to understand
  and needs rewriting? Suggestions on how to improve them?
- Is it easy to find the appropriate document? How could
  navigation be improved?
- Does the current formatting of the documents help in
  understanding the contents or does the formatting obscure
  the contents?
- Which format would you prefer that the documentation was
  in (e.g. info file format, HTML, PDF formatted for
  printing, etc.)

Any other comments you may have would be most welcome.

Send your comments directly to me, or -- if you want to have
a discussion about the current documentation -- to the
mailing list.

Thank you for your time.

Niklas.Morberg@xxxxxxx.com - Development Manager, Technology Division
Tel +46 46 2721894  Mobile +46 708 90 18 94 |Address: Scheelev. 34
http://developer.axis.com Fax +46 46 136130 |S-223 63 LUND, SWEDEN