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Re: Opinions about documentation

Hi Niklas,

I have two points regarding the excellent documentation.

1. I would like to see some more details concerning the multiplexing of the IO pins.

I cannot work out exactly what combinations are available, For example if you
use the ATA interface but only with one ATA device intrq2/3 and dior2/3 lines
are not used. Can these lines be used by Async serial port 3. Table 17.1 shows 
pin assignment priority for general port B but I cannot find a similar table to
for general IO pins which would answer this question.

2. If  I am reading the electrical information correctly you can interface 5V signals
directly to the IO pins. This is an excellent feature. I am used to micros with standard 
CMOS input protection diodes to VDD and GND. You must be using a different
arrangement and I wondered if it would be possible to include a block diagram 
of a typical IO pin. 

Best regards,